Kuvassa kolme kuvakaappausta maaliskuussa 2023 julkaistavan taidekoneen päättymättömästä kuvavirrasta. (Kuva: Jussi Lahtinen)

Artificial intelligence is a partner in art, not just dystopia!

The arrival of artificial intelligence has turned the life of an artist upside down. It is a trend that challenges the familiar balance that designers have held in their work for centuries. Should this rapid diffusion of artificial intelligence be seen as a possibility to reach new horizons in creative work?

Finnish designer Jussi Lahtinen believes that an artist should try to build a fair partnership with artificial intelligence in order to experience harmonious and well-balanced circulation of art between the old master and artificial mind.

If we try to remember the origins of the roles of a human artist and artificial intelligence, we will notice that art has always been asking questions, while science has been trying to find answers. The roots of artificial intelligence are deeply in science. Every artist is like a sponge that absorbs. They put out questions without a hurry to get answers.

Artificial intelligence is strong. It has algorithms. Emotional imbalance or lack of inspiration won’t stop its production.

Artificial intelligence may bring sustainability and discipline to the artist. The question is – does the artist need it? Will this sustainability be good for the fragile, creative energy of a designer?

Creative philosophy of the URBANAI project is based on a unique understanding of abstraction: artistic technique is a resolution of a conflict between technology and human creator. It is the conflict that characterizes the entire 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century as well.

How much power and trust can the artist actually give to artificial intelligence? In this artistic cooperation with technology the human creator should also be brave and flexible enough to dive without fear into the experimental nature of the project. Only by pushing the limits of possibilities have the old masters been able to discover new dimensions.

Artificial intelligence rejects timelines and maps. It is a stream without scenario or forecast. It is an endless production that might look like a chaotic collage, but if you stay for a while and give the art machine a chance, you might get that special piece of art that will touch your mind and heart. In fact, in the endless chaotic flow of life, we hold on to the silhouettes that remind us about places we love as well as those immortal creations of geniuses from cultural history and civilizations.

The partnership with artificial intelligence has brought a lot of inspiration to the artist and he is thrilled to continue! The art pieces of the UrbanAI project are accompanied only by a number when they appear in the stream and it’s up to the artist to edit and name them in the next chapter that will be called The Happy Dystopia.