The purpose of the project is to develop and assist the civilian aviation needs of Namibia by developing services that are produced locally, thus positively impacting technical and socio-economic development, job creation, safety, and the sustainability of African civil aviation.

The aim is to establish a training program in UAV and drone technology to support Radai Ltd’s business partnership project in their service offering.

The project has received Business Partnership Support under the development cooperation fund of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.



The goal of Radai Ltd’s partner company is to establish a business that offers geophysical surveying services and other potential services using UAV technology in the South African markets in Namibia. Surveying activities are carried out with UAV drones, with clients being players in the mining industry. Additionally, the aim of Radai Ltd’s project is to provide surveying and imaging services to other business sectors, as well as to survey the markets for other UAV services and develop the local operating environment for these services, while also enhancing African expertise in the use of UAV services.

The training program is planned and implemented in collaboration with the main partner Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and local partners such as the Namibian Training Authority (NTA), the Namibian University of Science and Technology (NUST), and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Furthermore, the project promotes sustainable mineral research, which is a key expertise of Radai Ltd’s supported business project. TAMK supports the capacity building of professional-level teachers and trainers who are certified in collaboration with NTA and NUST.


Project team:
Jouni Viidanoja, Antti Perttula, Jani Katajisto, Joni Nieminen, Aki Martikainen, Kari Naakka

Editorial board:
Jouni Viidanoja, Anne Cumini