SURE project results presented in EDRA52 conference

With their topic Just Use of Urban Spaces As Revealed By Mega-Events and Their Security Concerns, Tampere University researchers Ilari Karppi and Iina Sankala presented SURE project results as a part of the EDRA52 conference (May 19-23, 2021). The presentation was held in the session Designing Just Places 1 on Wednesday, May 19, 2021.

The presentation shared insights of the routes through which global mega events impact urban planning, development, and security paradigms. It described how administrative sectors and silos may structure urban security, the idea of security threats, and the deployment of technologies for securing the urban space. Finally, the presenters showcased an idea of how planning for sustainable urban design can benefit from action-oriented research settings and discussed the impacts of Covid-19 and related disruptions on work with focus and other groups.

You can find the slides in the Publications section, click here.