SURE co-organized a citizen forum on urban and residential safety in Hiedanranta

Tampere University’s SURE team organized a citizen forum on Tue 9th of November in Hiedanranta. Residents of the nearby neighborhoods Lielahti and Lentävänniemi were invited to discuss their experiences of safety in these residential areas. The event was organized in cooperation with the TULE! project, which was responsible for the marketing and practical arrangements of the event. The event was attended by 21 people.

The discussion topics of the forum focused on property offences, traffic safety and the role of urban space in perceived safety. Many of these themes were linked to the rapid growth rate of the areas. One of the main goals was also to hear the residents’ opinions on the biggest safety problems in their area, as well as development ideas for improving their everyday safety and security.

The discussion was lively and it will be used as research material in Siiri Nieminen’s bachelor’s thesis on resident participation and safety planning, which is part of the SURE project. According to the feedback gathered from the participants, the forum was perceived as useful.