Tampere Smart City Week will be held in June 2022

Photo: Iina Sankala

Tampere Smart City Week will be held from 14 to 15 June 2022 at Nokia Arena and is aimed at all parties interested in Smart City development.

SURE is strongly involved in the preparations and will host its own event on Tuesday 14 June and a panel discussion on the main stage on Wednesday 15 June.

Tuesday’s event “Smooth security & hard technology: a seamless blend of technology and ambiance for urban events with the SURE solution” will be organized in cooperation with the ETAIROS project (https://etairos.fi/en/front-page/). SURE solution will be launched at the event. In addition, the event will address the utilization of AI in anticipating security risks in a shopping center environment, as well as the sense of security and factors affecting it at sport and cultural events.

Wednesday’s panel discussion will cover a wide range of topics under the heading “Smart Security and Digital Trust”. The panel will be moderated by the UIA Expert Ms. Konstantina Karydi.

TSCW 2022 registration is already open: https://tscw.fi/en/sign-up/

The development of the TSCW 2022 program can be followed on the event’s website: https://tscw.fi/en/tampere-smart-city-week-en/

Edit: The event was postponed from February to June due to Covid situation