Publication: "The paradoxes of the Biennale" by Julia Bethwaite and Anni Kangas published in OnCurating

Spaces of Justice project members Julia Bethwaite and Anni Kangas have published a new article in OnCurating. Bethwaite and Kangas argue that contemporary art biennials are characterized by paradoxes. The authors focus in particular on the paradoxes of the Russian Pavilion in the Venice Biennale during the years 2011–2015. They suggest that analyzing paradoxes is a necessary part of any attempt to understand the politics of biennials. “As biennials attract not only artists and art world actors but also people in positions of political and economic power,” Bethwaite and Kangas write, “it is important to pay attention to the kinds of actions that paradoxes enable or disable in the context of these mega-events of contemporary art.” The article can be read through this link.


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