Mervyn Horgan's visit to Finland

Associate professor Mervyn Horgan from the university of Guelph visited Finland in the beginning of December. In addition to getting to know the hustle and bustle of the Christmas market and the Finnish sauna culture, we organized a winter seminar in Helsinki with the researchers of the project and Horgan to get acquainted with each other’s research and data. The seminar consisted of two data sessions, which included five presentations. In addition to reviewing Mervyn’s data, the seminar covered following themes:

Minna Leinonen: Managing frontline interactions: church employees’ troublesome encounters with the public.

Hilpi Kangas: Descriptions of leader-follower transgressions: Challenging interaction instances

Henri Nevalainen & Melisa Stevanovic: Interactionally troublesome exchanges in the context of student parties: Discrimination and harassment.

Annika Valtonen: Public spaces as sites of interactionally troublesome exchanges for immigrants

And finally, the seminar ended with dinner at the Yes yes yes restaurant!