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  • Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Interaction (NORDISCO)

    • Melisa Stevanovic: Too common to be tellable?: Inevitability of gender-based intergroup discrimination in retrospective accounts of problematic interactional experience.
    • Annika Valtonen: Troublesome encounters in public spaces: Immigrants accounting for problematic interactions with strangers in Finland.
    • Elina Weiste & Melisa Stevanovic: ”You should have addressed it directly”– The inequalities in the ideals of managing interactional problems immediately.
    • Minna Leinonen: Pathologizing negative interaction –Storytelling in research interviews
    • Henri Nevalainen: Threat in interactionally troublesome exchanges: The challenges and dilemmas of reporting a threatening experience
  • International Pragmatics Association -conference (IPrA)
    • Dorien Van De Mieroop, Melisa Stevanovic, Minna Leinonen & Henri Nevalainen: Epistemics and deontics in the story world: (In)congruent status-stance relations in direct reported speech in stories of interactionally troublesome exchanges
    • Minna Leinonen: Interviewees’ interpretative and naming practices as troublesome tools for tellability in sharing negative experiences
    • Henri Nevalainen, Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen & Melisa Stevanovic: Reporting the thoughts of the antagonist: A delicate practice in the accounts of interactionally troublesome exchanges
    • Melisa Stevanovic, Henri Nevalainen, Minna Leinonen, Elina Weiste & Annika Valtonen: The prosodic construction of inevitability of gender-based intergroup discrimination
    • Annika Valtonen: Public spaces as sites of interactionally troublesome exchanges for immigrants residing in Finland
    • Elina Weiste, Nanette Ranta, Melisa Stevanovic, Henri Nevalainen, Annika Valtonen & Minna Leinonen: Social and health care professionals’ narratives of interactionally troublesome exchanges with their clients: accounting for and against the active role of the client
  • The Annual Social Psychology Conference 2023, Tampere University,
    • Minna Leinonen: The practices of interpretation and naming used by interviewees in sharing negative experiences
    • Emmi Koskinen: The narratives of narcissists on interactionally troublesome exchanges
    • Kati Aalto: Formulating and receiving feedback on the therapeutic relationship in the psychotherapy process
    • Kati Mäntysaari: Ideals of shared decision-making in mental health rehabilitation
  • The Annual Social Psychology Conference 2022, University of Eastern Finland, 5.-6.6.2022
    • Minna Leinonen: Social divisions in problematic accounts
    • Melisa Stevanovic: Interactionally troublesome situations as case and tendence stories.
    • Leena Ripatti-Torniainen, Henri Nevalainen & Melisa Stevanovic: Tellability of troublesome interaction experiences, accountability and transitions on the private-public-continuum
  • Work Research Days, Tampere University, 14.-16.9.2022
    • Minna Leinonen: Tellability of grievances in the context of the cultural section
    • Antero Olakivi, Melisa Stevanovic & Henri Nevalainen: Verbalizing age discrimination experiences in the performance appraisal: A case study on the difficulty of building an organizationally relevant narrative
    • Elina Weiste: Negative service experiences of healthcare customers, narrative, positioning and normative discourses of customership