Infographic titled 'Ripple Effects of AI' with a sleek, colorful AI brain icon at the center. Surrounding the brain are concentric circles, each representing different domains impacted by AI. The domains include Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Energy, Telecommunications, Education, Entertainment and Media, Agriculture, Real Estate, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing and Advertising, and Security

Welcome to NUrai

The Network for Understanding Ripple effects of AI (NUrai) is dedicated to researching and collaborating on the extensive impact of artificial intelligence across various disciplines of everyday human life. Born out of the Synthetica project, NUrai brings together researchers from around the globe with a shared goal of advancing the understanding and responsible use of AI. Our consortium members include Tampere University, University of Jyväskylä, and University of Vaasa.

At NUrai, our mission is to explore the multifaceted impacts of AI on society, culture, and daily life. We aim to foster interdisciplinary research and collaboration, providing a platform for scholars and practitioners to work together in advancing AI for the benefit of all.

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