The MUTABLE Corpus

A black-and-white drawing that illustrates an authentic situation of the data collection process for the Mutable corpus. The picture shows a person who is part of a blind-sighted team and is sitting on a bench their legs crossed. The rest of the drawing shows the computer desk of the team.
Illustrations of the corpus. Copyright: MUTABLE Corpus & Eero Tiittula. All rights reserved.

The MUTABLE Corpus: videos of real-life audio description and blind-sighted interaction

The MUTABLE corpus entails ca. 35 hours of video collected from authentic audio description work processes. The videos have been recorded in Austria, Finland and Germany in 2016-2017. The data collection was funded by Emil Öhmann Foundation at the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, Academy of Finland, and Translation Studies research community at University of Helsinki.

The videos show the work and interaction of audio description teams as they draft and rehearse an audio description script. The teams consist of either 2 (one blind + one sighted) or 3 (1 blind + 2 sighted) participants. The material that is being described varies: there are feature films for cinema and television, and a life style program for television. The languages spoken are Finnish and German.

The corpus is owned by Maija Hirvonen and the MUTABLE project. Most data in the corpus will be stored in the Language Bank of Finland, from where it can be requested for use under the restricted license “CLARIN RES”. In the meantime, please contact the owner – Maija (dot) Hirvonen (at) Helsinki (dot) fi – if you are interested in the corpus.

MUTABLE Subcorpus – Team

MUTABLE Subcorpus – Art