What is it about?

Miracles of Development is a multidisciplinary longitudinal research project that started during 1999. We have followed over 700 Finnish families from pregnancy via infancy and middle childhood into late adolescence. The aim is to understand human psychological, biological and social development, with specific interest in the significance of the very earliest experiences. Our questions include, for example, how can we best describe the uniqueness of developmental pathways from infancy to adulthood? Are there specific sensitive periods in early development? What is the role of middle childhood in between early experiences and well-being in adulthood? These fascinating research areas and questions are what inspire us as researchers from day to day!

Our multidisciplinary research team includes psychologists, obstetricians, child psychiatrists, and family therapists from the Helsinki University Central Hospital, the University of Helsinki and the Tampere University. To take a closer look at who we are, please, see People. In the other pages, you can find more detailed information about the research project, our recent activity and scientific publications. If you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us!