Integrated Sensor for Indoor Condition Monitoring


Accurate, real-time humidity and moisture control are essential in numerous industries. In the construction sector and building maintenance, moisture is a critical factor considering the potential of harmful and costly moisture damage if not monitored and controlled effectively. Estimates of moisture damage repair in Finland alone cost over €400 million annually, not including potential health-related costs – building moisture damage can increase respiratory symptoms and the risk of development of new cases of asthma, which in turn increases the indirect costs of moisture damage.

Our solution provides a drastically new distributed sensing approach for real-time structural moisture monitoring during and after construction. During construction, the sensor can be installed in wet concrete, where it allows real-time evaluation of concrete curing. The technology can also be installed in the most leak-prone and challenging locations, such as roof crawl spaces, where it enables rapid response to potential leaks and other moisture-related problems. In both use cases, our innovation provides a real-time “moisture map” of the monitored space and enables the users to react faster to changes without time-consuming sample-taking and testing.

Funded by Business Finland