FluoroTrust Technology

FluoroTrust technology enables a new way to embed fluorescent features containing information inside films for authentication and serialization purposes.

FluoroTrust technology is based on the formation of fluorescent microstructures in a polymer film upon exposure to arbitrarily structured light with a specific wavelength. These fluorescent entities can be used as labels for authentication, track-and-trace, and serialization purposes.

Key Advantages of FluoroTrust

  • Labels can be made with sub-micrometer resolution.
  • The microstructures are embedded in the polymer, making it difficult to remove the information.
  • The fluorescence has a specific spectrum, which adds an extra level of security to the embedded information.
  • The printing process does not emit ink aerosols or droplets, as the pattern is generated with a photoreduction process.


Demo image of a fluorescent QR code generated via FluoroTrust technology.


The writing process is shown below