FibData seminars

FibData seminar on January 26th 2021

The first FibData seminar was organized on January 26th 2021. Programme:

  • Pasi Kallio and Mikko Kanerva: FibData Background and Concept
  • Pekka Laurkainen: Why microbond? – Thoughts on scale “hierarchy” and knowledge gaps
  • Sarianna Palola: One method, many possibilities; an introduction to material combinations
  • Olli Orell: Extending the microbond testing possibilities – aging tests
  • Olli Orell: Towards automated finite element analysis
  • Jarno Jokinen: finite element modelling
  • Royson DSouza: Future Microbond test – Towards local strain measurements
  • Markus Kakkonen: Automation: How to remove the human
  • Dhanesh Kattipparambil: Microbond testing – machine vision -based movement tracking for enhanced automation

Seminar presentations are available here: FibDataSeminar_Presentations_210126