EraseGBV training programme

The purpose of the training is to raise awareness of gender-based violence faced by young people as a phenomenon and provide tools for identifying, preventing and addressing violence.

Erase GBV training programme for school professionals available in English, Finnish, Croatian, Spanish, Catalan and Swedish.

How to prevent and encounter gender-based violence in schools?

Erase GBV

Education and Raising Awareness in Schools to Prevent and Encounter Gender-Based Violence is a multidisciplinary research project with partners from three European countries; Finland, Spain and Croatia. The project Investigates institutional and affective practices of encountering GBV in schools.

It answers the needs for the training of teachers, teacher students and other school professionals by (1) producing a model for developing a web-based training programme, increasing awareness and building the capability to prevent and encounter forms of gender-based violence at school; and (2) training teachers, teacher students and other professionals at school to recognize and encounter children and youth exposed to gender-based violence, abuse and harassment by providing support and guidance to further services, and reporting abuse and violence to authorities.

Finland, Croatia, Spain – international and national websites

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