DIGISOS 2023–2025

The DIGISOS project investigates digital violence as part of intimate partner violence encountered in social work and social and health services as well as in the networked society where digital connections are an integral part of everyday life.

The project produces information on building the safety of vulnerable clients and improving inclusion, as well as on the challenges and opportunities for identifying and intervening in digital violence in the practices of social work and the social and health service system.

The project is carried out by researchers at Tampere University, the University of Jyväskylä and the University of Turku.

The purpose and aims of the project

The project aims to strengthen work against violence and a more socially sustainable society.

The DIGISOS project investigates the

  • challenges of detecting violence and interventions
  • support needs of clients who have experienced (digital) violence
  • opportunities for reconstructing safety
  • appropriateness, availability, and digitalisation of services.

The project builds expertise on the possibilities for developing

  • social work at basic social and health care services,
  • work against violence in special services which social work is responsible for, and
  • the social and health care system.

The project is funded by

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. STM, VTR, 2023–2025