The very first European curriculum for a bachelor´s degree for Youth and Social Circus pedagogy (180 ECTS)

Tampere university, Faculty of Education and Culture together with European partners are creating a new curriculum in higher education for those who are dreaming of becoming a Youth and Social Circus teacher. The project is coordinated by Tampere University, Faculty of Education and Culture. The  curriculum is based on the research outcomes of the previous project Circus+ that identified the framework of competences required for professional youth and social circus trainer.

The curriculum is based on research of youth and circus trainers´ competencies


1 European main curriculum and 5 national implementation plans of:

  • Higher education, EQF level 6 curriculum of 180 ECTS Youth and Social Circus Pedagogy. The duration of the study programme is 3 years.
  • Model for recognition and validation of prior knowledge in youth and social circus pedagogy that entails formal, non-formal and informal learning.
  • Model for a personal study plan in social circus pedagogy.
  • After the project the study programme is available by mobility at least in the partner countries by combining single modules from the offer of the partner countries. The qualification will be granted by a university.

Photo: ©Reg Gordon