Our draft curriculum is waiting for your feedback

Join us in preparing the very first European core curriculum for a bachelor´s degree for Youth and Social Circus pedagogy!

This curriculum is planned to be in higher education because the aim of the European union is to improve the European-wide quality of teacher education towards higher levels of education as already adopted in some countries.

Although the whole curriculum comprises 180 ECTS, we hope to get feed-back only for the European Core Curriculum for Youth and Social Circus Teacher Studies (60 ECTS).  The curriculum is here. The rest of the studies (120 ECTS) are to be chosen from the study offer of the universities and other higher education institutions, so that the students can put together a study path that supports them best on their youth and social circus career.

This core curriculum has been elaborated by three European universities: (Tampere University Finland;  Uniarts Stockholm, Sweden; National University of Ireland, Galway),  five youth and social circus schools:  Sorin Sirkus, Finland;   Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde  (PPCM), France;  Cirqueon, Czech Republic;  Galway Community Circus, Ireland and Circus Cirkör, Sweden) and the youth and social circus network Caravan, Belqium. This project is funded by the EU programme Erasmus +.

There is also an instruction template for your feed-back which you can open here.  The deadline for sending your feed-back by email will be February, 28th, 2021 and send  to the following email: tea.seppala@tuni.fi