Kick-off meeting with public event at Sorin Sirkus, Tampere

This was the official start for the project Circus++.  The two days workshop  entailed both hard work for making decisions regarding communications, project and curriculum processes and project evaluation but also a public part in which  the project was introduced to those who wanted  to know more about youth and social circus and about the project itself.

The public kick off  event was facilitated by both Taina Kopra, director of Sorin Sirkus and  Tiina Kujala, university lecturer of Tampere University. Tiina also presented the project.  Excecutive creative director Ulla Hokkanen from Galway Community Circus told about the idea of youth and social circus and introduced how it is being carried out in Galway.  Development manager Ophélie Mercier told about international youth and social circus network Caravan and introduced the  project partners. About cooperation of university and youth and social circus school discussed pedagogical  coordinator Oskar Lövkvist from Circus Cirkör and specialist Anna-Karin Ståhle from Stockholm Uniarts. What does this project means to Cirqueon and to art of circus in Czech, higlighted  director Barbora Adolfova and teacher Adam Jarchovský  from  youth and social circus school  Cirqueon. The  presentation part  was followd by  a lively discussion which higlighted also the difference beween circus schools and youth and social circus schools.

Photo: Jonne  Renvall