Final Turin Event Recap

The final APROPOS event, held at the Politecnico di Torino main campus, was a resounding success, bringing together our ESR from around the globe to discuss cutting-edge research in the field. Hosted by the Department of Control and Computer Engineering, the symposium featured a packed schedule of lectures, keynotes, and networking opportunities over three intensive days.

The event kicked off with opening remarks from our coordinator Jari Nurmi and local host Stefano Di Carlo, setting the stage for what promised to be a thought-provoking exploration of the latest developments in approximate computing. The first day’s highlights included a keynote address by Prof. Giuseppe Averta on the nuances of balancing performance and efficiency in deep learning, along with insightful presentations on topics ranging from transprecision computing for IoT devices to tailoring matrix multiplication for specific hardware architectures.

Day two continued the momentum with sessions delving into compiler technologies, design space exploration, and the implications of approximate computing for fault-tolerant systems. Attendees were treated to a diverse array of perspectives, including a keynote from Assist. Prof. Olga Chukhno, who shared her experiences before and after completing a double degree MSCA PhD between Italy and Finland. The day concluded with lively discussions and a networking dinner at the charming Birrificio La Piazza, providing participants with valuable opportunities to connect and collaborate in a relaxed setting.

The symposium’s final day maintained the high standard set by its predecessors, featuring presentations on dynamic accuracy configuration, approximate signal analysis, and energy-efficient electronic design automation. Assoc. Prof. Sara Vinco delivered an engaging keynote on energy-efficient EDA, rounding out the program on a high note. The AxC award was also given before the closure!

As the symposium drew to a close, participants departed with newfound insights, connections, and inspiration to drive forward the exciting field of approximate computing. The event’s success underscores the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in advancing research and innovation in computational technologies.

The weather was a bit rainy, so, all the speakers and lectures received even more attention πŸ™‚