1. ESR 1: Efficient deep learning inference models for low-energy applications (IBM, to be enrolled at UPV) Switzerland
  2. ESR 2: Fault-tolerant approximate computing techniques (UVA) Netherlands
  3. ESR 3: Machine Learning for Approximate Computing (UNIBO) Italy
  4. ESR 4: Approximation at the edge for automated driving (TUD) Netherlands
  5. ESR 5: Industrial and Scientific Applications for benchmarking approximate computing strategies (KTH)  Sweden
  6. ESR 6: Design Space Exploration for Accuracy-Aware Computing (ECL-INL) France
  7. ESR 7: Fast and accurate prediction of the Impact of Approximate operators on a complex computation (POLITO) Italy
  8. ESR 8: Compiler Technologies for Approximate Computing (POLIMI) Italy
  9. ESR 9: Transprecision algorithms, software tools and FPGA prototypes for graph analytics (UPV) Spain
  10. ESR 10: Reconfigurable approximating accelerators for secure edge computing (TAU) Finland
  11. ESR 11: Approximation techniques in low-cost GNSS receivers (TAU) Finland
  12. ESR 12: Design of reconfigurable and approximate functional units for wearable applications (UTU) Finland
  13. ESR 13: Approximate Signal Analysis in Smart Sensors (TUW) Austria
  14. ESR 14: Approximate computing for communications (WIREPAS, to be enrolled at TAU) Finland
  15. ESR 15: Dynamic Data-dependent Precision Scaling for Energy-Scalable Neural Network and Security Applications (QUB) United Kingdom