New Special Issue on Indoor Positioning organised by APROPOS

This Special Issue solicits original research articles contributing to the state-of-the-art in indoor positioning systems, including novel conceptual and theoretical solutions, the validation and evaluation of new or existing systems, comparative studies, data sets, and practical applications of indoor positioning systems. Authors are encouraged to apply reproducibility practices, making the datasets, algorithms and programming code publicly available.


Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

• Artificial intelligence for indoor positioning systems;
• Centralized and decentralized indoor positioning systems;
• Collaborative indoor positioning systems;
• Comparative studies for indoor positioning systems;
• Computational approximations for positioning systems;
• Contact tracing applications;
• Data fusion for indoor positioning;
• Data privacy and security in indoor positioning systems;
• Positioning hardware and receiver design;
• Hybrid indoor positioning systems;
• Indoor positioning datasets, use cases and applications;
• Indoor positioning validations and evaluations;
• Infrastructure and infrastructureless indoor positioning systems;
• Integrated indoor/outdoor positioning systems;
• Maintenance, lifetime and performance degradation over time;
• New technologies for indoor positioning systems (e.g., 5G, 6G);
• Novel indoor positioning technologies, techniques or methods;
• Robustness, deployability and cost of indoor positioning systems.