Latest AMETIST progress and 4J results presented in European PV and Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition 2020

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, European PV and Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition was organized as virtual this year. Arto Aho will give an online oral presentation titled “Next-Generation Lattice-Matched Multijunction Solar Cells Based on Dilute-Nitride III-V Compounds” in the session 3.CO5 on Wednesday 9th of September. Latest progress in the AMETIST project will be reviewed, concerning the newest 4J results and developments in both narrow bandgap (~0.7 eV) GaInNAsSb and high bandgap (>2 eV) subcells.

The published study titled “Wide spectral coverage (0.7–2.2 eV) lattice‐matched multijunction solar cells based on AlGaInP, AlGaAs and GaInNAsSb materials” can be found here.