The project tackles the study of detection and prediction models to assess social isolation among older adults by means of empirical and observational studies in the context of service facilites for adults in the metropolitan area of Tampere, Finland.


The project builds upon the outcome of the project ‘Social Robots and Ambient Assisted Living: the Independence and Isolation Balance (SOCIETAL)’, funded by the Intelligent Society (INSO) platform (2019-2020).


The project aims to formulate a comprehensive view of the phenomenon by means of two complementary empirical studies: an analysis of the socio-spatial contextual conditions of the older people, and the tracking of their behavioural patterns and correlating them with social isolation by means of Artificial Intelligent systems.

The project’s research questions are: What are the contextual factors, daily habits, and contingencies affecting social isolation at the domestic, community and urban scales? How can the AI ‘detection and prediction’ models be perfected to accurately respond to complex contextual situations? What are the potential hybrid measures (i.e. AI solutions and spatial-social innovations) that can be implemented to ‘prevent’ social isolation?


The contribution of this project will consist of a scientific study and an exhibition of the results.


The Intelligent Society Platform (INSO) for 2021-2022. INSO is a Tampere University’s research profiling action funded by the Academy of Finland.

Partners and co-operators

Spatial & Speculative Research in Architectural Design (SPREAD)

Associate Professor Fernando Nieto (PI), Postdoctoral Research Fellow Rosana Rubio

Emerging Technologies Laboratory (ETLab)

Professor Atte Oksanen (PI), Researcher Rita Latikka

Gerontology Research Centre (GEREC), Centre of Excellence on Research in Ageing and Care (CoE AgeCare)

Adjunct Professor Outi Jolanki (PI), Postdoctoral Research Fellows Mari Aaltonen and Linda Enroth, Researcher Outi Tamminen

Future Automation Systems and Technologies Laboratory (FAST-Lab.)

Professor José L. Martínez Lastra (PI), Researchers Samuel Afolaranmi and Saigopal Vasudevan

Wireless positioning team (TLTPOS)

Professor Elena-Simona Lohan (PI)

Partners: Sointu Senioripalvelut (Tampere) and City of Tampere