Corona spring has not halted our project work - focus shift to magazine data until autumn

This spring’s coronavirus situation has brought some changes to our project’s schedule and forms of work. The situation has led us to search for complementary research data as face-to-face encounters and interviews have had to be postponed. During this spring we have shifted our focus to the collection and analysis of magazine articles.

Based upon our preliminary analytical observations, we can already say that this twist caused by corona has also lead to unexpected positive outcomes: the magazine data has provided us with plenty of affect rich observations as well as a broad scope of interesting viewpoints to affective hot spots that permeate academic world. The collection and analysis of the data also gives support to the latter stages of our project.  A large portion of our interview data collection has been moved to autumn, and if the situation demands it, it will be conducted remotely.

Our project’s post doc researcher Johanna has already dived into the analysis process of the magazine data while research assistant Elisa continues data collection during May. The analysis of affects present in the magazine articles gives us an interesting new research target. During our project meetings we have also had fruitful discussions about the challenges and possibilities of the analysis process, as well as the affects this process itself has awakened.

Sharing the research process among our team has provided many meaningful opportunities for discussion and learning. We have also shared theoretical work by having a reading circle about theoretical literature relevant to our research. By doing this, we have been able to support one another’s work, reflect on thoughts raised by the literature and form a clearer understanding of the field of affect research.

On behalf of our project, we wish you all a sunny spring and strength to your everyday lives in the midst of this exceptional situation.

Written by Elisa Kurtti (project’s research assistant)


Image:  Daiga Ellaby / Unsplash