Industrial wearables. Where are they in demand?

Where do we need the industrial wearables most of all?

To answer this question, let us remind you that one of the primary purposes of industrial wearables is to assist in preserving human health and life. Thus, following the immutable truth «where there is a demand there is a supply » we will search for the answer in the list of the most hazardous industries.

Currently, there are no global statistics of workplace accidents depending on the industry sectors. However, a row of countries such as Great Britain [1], Germany [2], Japan [3], and Australia [4] have such kind of investigations based on reported cases. Combining and normalizing these statistics, we will get the results presented in the picture below. According to the reports, the most dangerous industry sectors are agriculture/forestry, construction, transportation, manufacturing, and trade.

However, the question is whether we could approximate these statistics for the whole world? The answer in our opinion is: hardly. The most obvious reason is that such statistics strongly depend on the distribution of industry sectors in the country. Obviously, the larger the industry, the more accidents there are.

For example, none of the countries mentioned above is in the top 15 countries for oil production. However, if we had accident statistics for Qatar, whose economy is based on this industrial sector, the resulting distribution presented in the Figure would change significantly. Therefore, for completeness and more credibility, we need statistics of accidents in industries for many countries.

In a nutshell, at the moment all the assumptions in which direction it is necessary to develop the field of industrial wearable devices will be based on the statistics that are now available. And these statistics may show a not entirely reliable picture of the world.

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