A-WEAR to drive a special issue on wearable devices!

A-WEAR project supervisors are co-editiing a special issue on “Applications and Innovations on Sensor-Enabled Wearable Devices” in Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220) and the deadline is 31.01.2020!

Wearables devices are expected to increasingly permeate our world, applied as they are to a very large variety of applications, including leisure, health, communication, security or work. In the next few years, wearables are expected to disrupt most business sectors, and it is expected that the number of wearable shipments will exceed 200 million by 2021.

Multiple sensors are embedded in wearable devices. Sensors are mainly included for tracking information on the user’s physical activity and physiological parameters, but additional sensors are also included for radio-communications and other purposes. This advanced complex sensory system enables wearables to be a source of invaluable crowdsourced data, where sensor fusion may bring innovative applications in many fields (engineering, telecommunications, computer science, eHealth, Internet of Things, Sensor Networks, etc.).

This Special Issue encourages authors from academia and industry to submit new research results about technological innovations and novel applications for wearable devices, with special interest in positioning.

Link to special issue is available here.