Canceled / Guest lecture - Manal El Abboubi: Youth inclusion through social innovation in Morocco

We are delighted to announce that Prof. Manal El Abboubi from University Mohamed V Rabat (Morocco) will give a guest lecture on Wednesday 18th March, 2020, at 2pm in Linna 4013 (Kalevantie 5, Tampere University).

Prof. El Abboubi is a partner in the What works? -research project. She will be is a visiting professor at Tampere University, Faculty of Social Sciences between 11th-20th March, 2020. The title and abstract of her talk are as follows:


Youth inclusion through social innovation in Morocco

Studies on young people in Morocco have revealed that their situation is a subject of multiple worries and overarching issues (e.g. week impact of education and employment policies on knowledge, lack of interest in politics and of confidence in public institutions, etc.)  At the same time, awareness has been growing over the past decade of the need to take young people’s expectations into consideration when designing public policies. In addition, there is a booming dynamic in Morocco around entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and social innovation to target young people, whether as actors of their own future, or as beneficiaries. From both these perspectives, social innovation initiatives have proven to be valuable in the Moroccan context in integrating young people into an active public life (e.g. education, employment). Moreover, they seem to possess a strong capacity to motivate young people, address their needs and expectations in meaningful ways. The talk will address these dimensions as based on long-term research and developmental work in laboratories. An initiative called “Social Innovation Laboratory” launched by ECONOMIA, HEM Research center (Morocco) will be presented, highlighting the experiences from a creation process of a multi-actor dynamics between young entrepreneurs, corporations and public representatives.


Prof. Manal El Abboubi is Professor at University Mohamed V Rabat (Morocco) and a Research Associate in ECONOMIA (HEM- Research Center). She holds a PhD in economics and management science from HEC – School of Management, University of Liège (Belgium).  She is currently the holder of the Chair “Social Innovations” in ECONOMIA (HEM- Research Center) Morocco and the Vice president of the Moroccan Observatory of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). She works mainly on Diversity Management, CSR and Social Innovations.


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