Agile production workshop at ERF2019

The TRINITY DIH considers Robotics, Digital Tools and Cyber Security as three essential contributing thematic areas for the Agile Production. Each requires one another.

Since agile means to be flexible and adapt to changing needs, requirements and contexts none of the aforementioned thematic areas must be rigid. Therefore, this workshop initiates and encourages discussions about how these areas interplay and influence and how they do not. In order to quickly reach a mode of working we will have short elevator pitches from SME perspective. These pitches will serve as input for an ongoing world café in which short but intense discussions will lead from highlevel opinions to deep and constructive findings from different viewpoints. To achieve that we want bring together participants not only from the TRINITY DIH but also from the other DIHs from different PAAs.

As a result we expect to gather a broad range of strong opinions which imply future directions and requirements for TRINITY and the Agile Production. Upcoming TRINITY events will resume the discussion results and will drive them into new paths. Thus, based on this workshop exciting networking can be expected.

We would appreciate if you could take part at the TRINITY agile production workshop. Please find the workshop’s agenda below. An overview about the TRINITY project on TRINITY ERF2019 page. Please check official ERF2019 programme here. PDF version of Invitation_to_TRINITY_Workshop_ERF2019


Wednesday 20th March, 16:15-17:45

16:15-16:25 TRINITY approach to agile production in Europe Minna Lanz, Tampere University
16:25-16:35 DIH² as related DIH Ali Muhammad, VTT
16:35-16:50 Elevator pitches
Robotics Edwin Lotter, LP-Montagetechnik
Digital tools Harri Nieminen, Fastems
Cyber security tba
16:50-17:30 TRINITY world cafe 3 thematic areas
Robotics Roel Pieters, Tampere University
Digital tools Niki Kousi, Sotiris Makris, LMS Patras
Cyber security Jan Reimann, Fraunhofer IWU
17:30-17:45  Conclusions / findings Minna Lanz
Workshop material


TRINITY use case descriptions

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Roel Pieters

Technical Coordinator