Digital Renewal Workshop: Transforming Nursing Education

Teachers doing group assignment in the training

A captivating workshop provided an introduction to the pedagogical principles of the SmartNurse methodology, encompassing constructivist and competency-based approaches, as well as socio-formative aspects.

A teacher training workshop was conducted to prepare future nursing professionals. This workshop transcended the category of a simple teachers workiing on the walltraining session and evolved into an inspiring experience, designed with the purpose of sparking creativity and revolutionizing the pedagogical approach through the use of various active teaching methodologies and technological tools. Each educator had the valuable opportunity to share their knowledge on the subject and expand it through shared experiences. Furthermore, during the workshop, the vast and exciting digital world was explored, resulting in a significant transformation of the traditional teaching paradigm for nursing educators. teachers training in classroom

Within this workshop, topics of great relevance were addressed, such as “Pedagogical Drama,” the “Coaching Model with the 5A,” and the use of “Gamification Tools.” These concepts were shared from their theoretical foundations and effectively put into practice. Each teacher brought their own technological resources, and the availability of internet connection in the classroom was ensured. Likewise, “Pedagogical Drama” was applied through the portrayal of various hypothetical situations that commonly occur in classrooms with students, and “Coaching” was practiced in pairs, assuming the roles of patient and healthcare professional. 

aplauses in the training

This workshop took place on Saturday, March 11, 2023, and was aimed at educators from the Faculty of Health Sciences who teach subjects in nursing programs. The workshop was held in Classroom #1 of the Maria Olano Building and had a duration of 4 hours. The responsible team for the activity was the SmartNurse UGB team.  Licda. Laura Chavarria, Licda. Sandra Martínez, Licda. Brenda Gutiérrez, Licda. Claudia González y Lcdo. Marvin Montoya. 

participants with certificates