Preliminary Programme Memory Workshops

A girl pulling on her nylons before getting ready for school by Cherkassky-Nnadi from Lenin On Linen: An Artist Remembers Her Soviet Childhood

Berlin, Germany – 9-11th of September 2019
Riga, Latvia – 13-15th of September 2019
Helsinki, Finland – 9-11th of October 2019
Mexico City, Mexico – 27-29th of October 2019

Day 1
9-10 Introductions; exhibiting objects that participants brought to the workshop; Introduction and revisiting ethics
10-10.30 Morning tea
10-13 Memory work: Sharing and interrogating memories prepared beforehand on the agreed theme.
13-14 Lunch
14-16 Memory Work: In two smaller groups as modeled in the morning
16-16.30 Afternoon tea
16.30-18 Memory work: Rewriting memory story. Developing a prompt for the next memory. Wrap-up.
18.30 Dinner (covered by the project)

Day 2
9-10.30 Memory work: Sharing new memory in pairs; sharing with the larger group
10.30-11 Morning tea
11-13 Body and Art-space
13-15 Lunch, memory exhibition and relaxation
15-18 Memory work: discussing and writing-up memories from morning session and/ or story from artistic / body engagement; discussion on emerging analytical themes and connections. Afternoon tea available.
18.30 Dinner (on participants’ own expense)

Day 3
9-10.30 Discussion on ethics, emerging themes and our experiences of Memory Work
10.30-11 Morning tea
11- 13 Planning session: What’s next
13-14 Lunch
14-15.30 Summary and Farewell