INSO pilot projects from the first call

Greetings from INSO!
INSO opened its first call in the summer of 2019. The call circulated in the university mailing lists between all the faculties of the new Tampere University. The call opened at the end of May 2019 and ended in August 2019.
We would like to thank you all for the high quality proposals for INSO pilot projects. We received 20 proposals and they were evaluated between INSO board members. The funding for the selected projects is €25000 for 2019 and €25000 for 2020, totally €50.000. INSO board decided in its meeting on Aug 27th 2019 to fund the following proposals:
“Social robots and ambient assisted living: The independence and isolation balance”
Rosana Rubio-Hernández et al.
“Participatory Development of Interactive Technology for Elderly Care and Well-Being (RoboTalk)”
Tarmo Lipping et al.
“Increasing sustainability of smart buildings with persuasive technologies (SusBuild)”
Kaisa Väänänen et al.
“Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Expertise: Ethics, Human Judgement and Decision Making in the AI-Driven Society (AIFE)”
Jaana Parviainen et al.
“Equality-Enhancing Technology for the Flipped Classroom”
Konstantinos Stefanidis et al.
“AI based Bots in Recruitment – a Utopia or Dystopia?”
Thomas Olsson et al.
We thank you for your interest thus far and hope to hear from you in future INSO calls!
INSO board