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Derek Correa | Digital Marketing

Email/LinkedIn profile

I am a Digital Marketer, specialized in Brand Strategy and Social Media Content. I have worked in the past years as a Digital Planner and Creative in projects focused on Social Media.

I am also the co-Founder of IMAGEM Creative Studio, a multidisciplinary marketing studio based in Tampere, that focuses in online presence through Marketing Strategy, Photography, Social Media, Web Design & Branding.


KEYWORD: Digital marketing, brand strategy, social media

Derek Correa Digital Marketing

Zeynep Kaynar | Visual Artist

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I am a visual artist with sectoral diversity focusing on market, culture, education and pedagogy. I am well-skilled in independent research, artistic research, writing/editing, task and time management relevant to both academic and industrial fields.

My research interests focus on art in public space, social practice, participatory artistic practices, activity theory, museum and art pedagogy. My artistic background has developed my skills for working with abstract ideas and developing unconventional solutions. Also, it provides the ability to be thorough, deliberate and timely, and having attention to detail. In the professional environment, I can express my opinions and beliefs clearly, and this may inquire of a tendency for exerting dominance. Nonetheless, I acquired an extraordinary disposition for adapting to a wide range of people and being open to differences in attitudes, values, and personalities through working in a team.

Websites I & II

KEYWORD: Museum, education, culture, artistic industry, art, design, book-making, visual arts

Rahel Beil | Forest Specialist

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I am a forest specialist inspired by the forest as an ecosystem with its ecological and economic values and benefits. I highly value the exchange of ideas through cross-cultural and interdisciplinary networking and teamwork. I am looking for opportunities to implement and expand my skills to move this sector and its resources towards a sustainable future.

KEYWORD: forest engineering, natural resource management, silviculture, bioenergy

Rahel Beil

Yin Jiang | Marketing and sales

Email address: julia0715a@gmail.com

Experience in Marketing and sales and work to develop connections to the Chinese market.
Hidden weapon: Have acquired the Finnish National language test Yki Testi

Wafa'a Sa'ad | English Teacher

Email: saad.fofo13@gmail.com

Professional English teacher with over 4 years of teaching experience in different settings.
Hidden weapon: was honored in 2015 for her teaching skills

Yulia Popelyshko | Graphic Design

E-mail: pavlovsky.yulia@gmail.com

I have been painting about 6 years. Highly skilled in paint watercolor. I am passionate about digitalillustration now, in particular drawing in Adobe Illustration and in Procreate at Ipod. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

KEYWORD: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw, Procreate.


Sindu Raj Param'p'il | Data analysis

E-mail: sindu.parampil@gmail.com

A researcher with a Ph.D. in Atmosphere and Ocean science, I have 10+ years experience in researching and analysing the physics of the marine atmosphere. I am looking for opportunities to leverage my expertise in data analysis and/or remote sensing.

My expertise lies in processing and analyzing data from satellites and in-situ measurements (field campaigns, ARGO floats etc). I am adept at extracting information from large data sets and using data visualization tools to interpret them. My programming experience includes Matlab, Fortran, and proficiency in visualization tools like Ferret and GrADS. I am also passionate about research development and management and have experience in grant writing and scientific editing.
KEYWORD: Environmental Data analysis, Satellite data, Ocean Science, Climate Science, Research Management and Support, Scientific Editing, Grants writing

Suada Skenderi | Business Administration

E-mail: makishti.s@gmail.com

I am a Business Administration undergraduate that always have been excited by how the sales and marketing division of companies drive businesses.⠀

KEYWORD: Business Administration

Murat Demirez | SME and Entrepreneurship

E-mail: murat.demirez@gmail.com

20 years’ experience in entrepreneurship and SME development has thought me weaknesses and strengths of small businesses. Resultantly, through my career, I have dealt with numerous cases and took part in several training programs to analyse SMEs and find solutions to their challenges.

For five years of my career, I was a Director and worked at the headquarters of my organization. I have taken part in designing new programs tailored to SMEs’ needs and participated meetings and projects at OECD as a representative of my organization.

In addition to my work career, I have an ongoing academic life in the area of Science and Technology Policies. To do so, I have deepened my practical knowledge of innovation and firms through theoretical field. In my studies I have used both quantitative (SPSS, Social Network Analysis, Stata) and quantitative (case studies) analysis. In summary, I have combined the practical and theoretical dimensions of business and innovation fields which will contribute to consulting firms, and small enterprises who wants to develop their business. Lastly, with my personal network in Turkey, I can also help companies find new solution partners and markets.

KEYWORD: SME, Entrepreneurship, Data Analysis

Regina Rischan-Fickler | Psychologist, Trainer, Meditator

E-mail: regina.rischan@rocketmail.com

I am a clinical and health psychologist, trainer, and mediator educated in Austria. During my more than 10 years of working experiences, I gained expertise in the fields of training and education, care and counseling, volunteer and mentoring programs as well as funding handling, project development and project management.

Through my experiences, I see my strength in being focused and flexible in diverse communication-settings, in groups and face-to face communication as well as in crises and conflict management. I am capable to adapt to new tasks and situations fast. With my open- minded and optimistic personality, I am able to create healthy and trustful environments. I do appreciate to work in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams.

KEYWORDS: Psychology, Psychosocial Work, Education, Training, Mediation, Communication, Health, Volunteer & Mentoring Programs, Resources, Project Coordination, Diversity, Human Rights

Upasana Sharma | Biotechnology and Education

E-mail: upasanasharma239@gmail.com

Biotechnology post graduate and a trained biology Teacher with more than 4 years of teaching experience. As a biotechnology post graduate, I have extensively worked in the area of biotechnology, both inside and outside the lab. I mainly worked as a biology teacher with expertise in subjects related to biotechnology. I enjoy challenging projects and thrive on responsibility.

I am looking for an opportunity to work in an organization where I will be able to contribute effectively towards any scientific work or management work by means of innovative ideas and excellent work ethics.

KEYWORDS: Biotechnology, Education, Biology

Mark McGovern | Business Development

E-mail: 1markmcgovern1@gmail.com

I offer over 25 years of experience in marketing research, marketing and sales, primarily having worked with global consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retail stores. Motivating, leading, and working together with teams for success is my passion, and converting shoppers into happy consumers of products and services is my ultimate “win-win”.

I would very much like to have my skills in syndicated data, consumer & shopper insights, and marketing & sales make a positive impact with an organization (preferably in Tampere), and to grow personally and professionally along with them.

KEYWORDS: Business Development, Business Management, Marketing Research, Marketing, Sales, Cross Functional Team Leadership, Customer Insight, Analytics, Shopper Marketing, Consumer Packaged Goods, Competitive Analysis

Arthur Allan Perfetto | Design, Yoga

E-mail address: artifact62@gmail.com

Multi-disciplined designer, experienced in all aspects of the creative process from concept to delivery. Experienced in both web and print design. Coordinating copywriting, translations as well as hands-on content management systems. Managed design team and affiliate Market- ing organisations. All aspects of client communication from initial concept, expectations, de- sign, budget adjustments, and deliverables. Comfortable and experienced in a multi-lingual and multicultural environment.

KEYWORD: Design, Communication, Yoga

Aytuna Yamaç | Education Technology

E-mail address: aytunaarslan@gmail.com

Experienced teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the primary-secondary education industry. A passionate newborn instructional technologist tries to analyze,design,develop,implementand evaluate processes and tools to make learning easier. Actively looking for opportunities.

KEYWORD: Education, Technology, Computer Programming

Bukhoriyah Bukhoriyah | Education

E-mail address: bukhoriyah2011@gmail.com

I am a kindergarten teacher. I am interested and open with children. I know how to facilitate the development of children in early childhood education. I believe that we need more support from other professions such as psychologists, nutritionists, nurses and especially educators. As a teacher, I play a role in early childhood pedagogical aspect. This profession encourages me to build attitudes and important skills in nursery such as being creative, helpful, responsive, patient, caring, soft food handling and a good sense of humor.

I also communicate with parents to give information about the development of their children in school and also obtain specific information about the kids at home. This enable me to choose the most appropriate learning approach and create good nurturing environment for children. I want to be able to connect with them. I just go to find the day care or preschools here.

KEYWORD: Education, Early childhood

Chara Sakellari | Visual & Motion Design

E-mail address: chara.sakellari@me.com

Website: charasakellari.com

I’m an experienced Visual and Motion Designer with a BA in Audio & Visual Arts from Ionian University.

My main skills are Motion Graphics, Animation and Graphic Design. I have also worked on other video & design related projects and I can create visuals, promotional material and digital content.

I mostly work with After Effects, Illustrator, Cinema 4D and Maya. However, I’m always learning something new on the background 😀

Denni Rade Situmeang | Tourism Industry

E-mail: dennisitumeang@yahoo.co.id

I’m from Indonesia. I have an extended experience in tourism industry and own a tour agency. I work on promotion of Tampere in Indonesia and vice versa.

KEYWORD: Tourism, International relationships

Hamed Fattahi | Business Development

E-mail: mirhamedfattahi@gmail.com

I am a hardworking, results driven and self-motivated person who has understanding of business development, sales and marketing processes. I have experience in using ERP system with CRM functionality in B2B sales and customer relationship management processes. I have ability to learn quickly and understand new concepts. I am able to work well with others and lead a team with strong communication and analytical skills. I am also familiar with different tools and methods in international marketing which can help SMEs and startups to expand their market into global market.

KEYWORD: Sales, Marketing, B2B, Business Development, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Market Analysis, International Market

Hanna Kuzina | Event Planning

E-mail: hannakuzina@gmail.com

I have always been fascinated with the visual communication and story-telling. I am a film lover and I’m eager to join like-minded people to work in the field of media production and film industry.

I have worked as Programme Coordinator for Dok.Incubator, EU supported international film training project, where I was involved in the production of three residential workshops for fifty international film professionals. The job included organizing tailor-made mentoring for film makers – from the application process to the final pitching event at Nordisk Panorama Film Festival (Malmö).

I have experience in Guest Service management, arranging trips, hosting and guiding more than 150 international guests during East Doc Platform (Prague), the biggest film industry event in Eastern Europe.

As Communication and PR assistant, I have got a good command of PR tools, such as press releases, newsletters and mass mailing, catalogue editing, design of promo materials, social media and website maintenance.

Konstantina Stamatopoulou | Marketing and Customer Service

Konstantina Stamatopoulou | Marketing and Customer Service

E-mail: constanstam@gmail.com

A multifaceted professional with 14 years of experience in the field of customer service and marketing, with the ability to articulate company’s vision to customers and business partners. Expert in e-shop maintenance using Joomla. Self-motivated and highly devoted, suggests avenues for problem resolution and future development that impact employers’ bottom line. Highly experienced in the marketing and project coordination industry, establishes relations of rapport with both partners and customers. Effective communicator and liaison between key stakeholders, with the aim to reinforce the company’s reputation among diversified groups of individuals. Advocate of continuing professional development, commits to performance excellence and instils a passion for quality.

KEYWORD: Customer service, Marketing, E-shop, Project management

Larissa Castelino | Financial Industry

E-mail: larissac201@gmail.com

I have expertise in Internal Audits, Credit Risk & Financial Analysis in Corporates and SME Banking with a blend of work experience in accounts, financial management, project finances. My background is Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (equivalent to Chartered Accountants of England & Wales)

KEYWORD: Business, Financial Analytics, Corporate & SME Banking, Auditing, Accounting, IT

Manjusha Kasu | Software Development

E-mail: manjusha.kasu@gmail.com

I have done Masters in embedded technology at University of Turku, Finland. I am currently living in Tampere and wanted to work as a Junior software developer. Currently I am open minded in learning new technologies. Fields of interests are Mobile application developement(Android and iOS), Artifitial intelligence and Machine learning. I have gained software development experience mainly in Java and also have knowledge in few other programming languages. My best strengths are analytical and logical skills. I am a good listener and constant learner. I will become a good team member with positive attitude and full of energy. I will contribute to the company and bring good results. Looking forward to work with you.

KEYWORD: Technology, Software development, Mobile application, AI

Muhammad Sahlan Hanafiah | Conflict Resolution

E-mail: sahlan.hanafiah@gmail.com

KEYWORD: Conflict Resolution, Peace

Nikolett Kerékgyártó | Tourism Industry and Marketing

E-mail: kerekkniki@gmail.com

As a media and marketing assistant, my experiences gave me a significant understanding in offline and online marketing, such as creating all sorts of contents for newspapers and social media sites and prepare marketing materials and company presentations. I was always developing my communication skills, which were extremely important in my previous work experience. I am an international person, I was learning international marketing and sales in Denmark, and I moved to Finland to broaden my network and seek new challenges. During my studies, I was part of the Erasmus Student Network, where I helped the integration of the international students. I am currently searching for a new role in Communication, Marketing and Event Management in Tampere.

KEYWORD: Tourism, Marketing, International Relationships

Robert Garey Stewart Jr. | International Business

E-mail: RGS.Jr@outlook.com

KEYWORD: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Sustainability

Seda Suman Buruk | Urban Planning Design

E-mail address: sedasuman@gmail.com

I’m an urban planner and designer who wants to be involved in a design related work that aims to understand people needs and expectations.

– Passionate in creating better places for people
– Skillful in using design software
– Competent in administration and analytical thinking

KEYWORD: Urban Design, Urban Planning, User Experience, Participatory Design

Shruti Mittal

Srijana Ghimire | Biomedical Engineering

E-mail address: srijanaghimire@hotmail.com

Sincere, hardworking and self-motivated person looking for new opportunity. Working as biomedical engineer for 2.4 years enhanced my ability in being responsible, adaptable and goal-oriented. Working in team and leading the coworker to achieve the goal has always been my passion. In addition, getting opportunity to work in biomaterial laboratory during my thesis developed my interest in production and development of biodegradable polymer and its implication in biomaterial product that can be used inside human body. Interested in finding job opportunity to work as a biomedical engineer with education and experienced achieved so far in a team-oriented organization.

KEYWORD: Biomaterial Science (Biodegradable Polymers, Bioceramics and its clinical application,Implantology), Tissue Engineering, FDA regulations for Medical Devices

Thanida Dharmajiva | Communication & Education

E-mail: t_dharmajiva@hotmail.com

I am a passionate educator and communicator with 6 year work experience. Also known as a good presentation designer, public speaker, project, coordinator and consultant. I am diplomatic, inspiring and goal oriented. Being caring is the key to my growth. My pride comes from ability to help and motivate people. Seeing my future self as an influencer who brings positive changes to society.

KEYWORD: Education, Communication, Customer Service, Leadership, Project Management

Tripti Bara | IT Engineering

E-mail: triptiann@gmail.com

I am an industrious person with experience working in various fields including .NET programming, Microsoft Dynamics AX and SQL database development. I possess knowledge of Python programming and am open to learn new technologies. I am interested in software development, software testing and database development and am seeking for a position where I can apply my skills and further develop them. I am committed to be an invaluable asset to my potential workplace.

KEYWORD: Programming, Microsoft Technology