New Hidden Gems Project Specialist

We are pleased to announce the hire of our new project specialist Raisa Suominen.

Could you introduce yourself?

Hello! I am Raisa, a new member in the Hidden Gems team. My background is in international relations and educational sciences. I have years of experience with multicultural teams and learners from culturally diverse backgrounds. Prior to Tampere University I used to work at the University of Oulu where I enjoyed working with international degree students and helping their integration into the Finnish society. You can connect and get to know me more through LinkedIn. As a person, I am caring, friendly and I like silly jokes. My hobbies are reading, hiking and taking care of cats.

What is your role as a project specialist?

My role is to help discover and maximise the Hidden Gems participants’ potential and help them achieve their personal goals. My objective is to help Gems find their niche in Tampere region. As a project specialist, I feel privileged to be part of a such a wonderful concept and team.

What would you like to tell to the Hidden Gems participants?

I would like to encourage you to actively participate in the programme. This is a unique opportunity to build networks and become introduced to the social or business communities in Tampere city. Please feel free to reach out to me for support. I hope to meet you soon! 🙂

(Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash)