Publications 2020

Students’ school-level symptoms mediate the relationship between a school’s observed moisture problems and students’ subjective perceptions of indoor air quality. Accepted to Indoor Air

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Publications 2018

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Publications 2017

The associations of indoor environment and the psychosocial factors on subjective evaluation of indoor air quality among lower secondary school students: a multilevel analysis. Indoor Air 2017; 27: 329-337.

Finell, E., Haverinen-Shaughnessy, U., Tolvanen, A., Laaksonen, L., Karvonen, S., Sund R., Saaristo, V., Luopa, L., Ståhl, T., Putus, T., & Pekkanen, J.

Other publications related to the same subject

“It was not me that was sick, it was the building”. Rhetorical identity management strategies on the context of observed or suspected indoor air problems in workplaces. Qualitative Health Research 2018; 28: 1366-1377

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Finell, E. & Nätti, J.

Sisäilma ja identiteetit: Identiteettityö työpaikan sisäilmaongelmien kontekstissa [Indoor air and identities: Identity work in the context of workplace’s indoor air problems]. Sosiaalilääketieteellinen aikakausilehti (In press).

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