Johanna Kantola receives ERC funding for a study on gender equality in the European Parliament

Project Director Johanna Kantola was interviewed by the University of Tampere on November 28th, 2017, about receiving ERC funding for her project. For Finnish version of the interview, click here.

“Professor Johanna Kantola from the University of Tampere in Finland has received EUR 2 million from the European Research Council for a study on the European Parliament’s party groups’ attitudes and practices concerning gender equality. The ERC announced on Tuesday the awarding of the Consolidator Grants.

Gender, party politics and democracy in Europe: A study of European Parliament’s party groups has received the 5-year ERC Consolidator Grant. So far, the University of Tampere has received ERC funding only rarely.

“Given the crucial importance of the EP’s party groups to democratic representation in the European Union, it is surprising that there is limited empirical and theoretical understanding that relates to how gender, gender hierarchies and gendered relations affect the groups’ activities and how the groups seek to address gender inequalities in their politics,” Kantola says.

“The aim of the study is to produce an in-depth analysis of gender-related processes and practices in the eight party groups of EP. Most recently, the party groups were in the news because of the #metoo campaign which highlights sexual harassment and its prevalence,” Kantola continues.

“In addition to empirical research, the project has methodological, conceptual and theoretical goals. Based on a thorough empirical understanding of gender and party politics at the European Parliament, the project will build novel methodologies, concepts and theories about inclusive representation, gender justice and democracy,” Kantola explains.”

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