EUGenDem virtual seminar: Contestations of gender equality in contemporary Europe

As part of the PhD course on 'Contestations of gender equality in contemporary Europe: Anti-equality politics and East-West tensions' at Tampere University we held a session with two public lectures.

This one day intensive PhD course focused on contemporary contestations around gender equality in Europe. Whilst being a core value and norm of many European countries and the European Union, gender equality has become hotly contested as evidenced in national and transnational anti-gender backlash in sexual and reproductive rights debates, the Istanbul Convention, and in political homophobia in countries like Poland.


Izabela Desperak (University of Łódź, Poland): From Poland with love… Anti-abortion and anti-LGBT+ movement and policies in CEE countries

Barbara Gaweda and Johanna Kantola (Tampere University, Finland): Political dynamics in the European Parliament around precarity of gender equality

Time: September 6th 2022, 10.15 – 12.30 EEST (9.15 -11.30 CEST)

The full program of the EUGenDem workshop series can be found here.


In case of questions about the workshop, you can contact Barbara Gaweda (