Cherry Miller's blog post on populism and feminist politics


Cherry Miller has written in Tampere University’s web publication Alusta about marginalized role of gender in populism studies, the research seminar Feminist Politics and Populism and the political implications of populist politics for the next European Parliament.

As Miller writes, the role of gender in populism studies is currently marginalized. However, EUGenDem project has started to study the entanglements between populism and gender as part of its study on operation of gender within European Parliament’s political groups. This way the EUGenDem contributes on the study of populism and gender.

Miller also notes that the European Parliament’s political landscape may be quite different after May 2019’s EU Parliamentary elections. How the rise of populism will affect the European Parliament’s party group dynamics and feminist politics in the parliament is still an open question. EUGenDem project team is paying close attention to this in 2019.

The blog post also summarizes the presentations given by Emilia Palonen (University of Helsinki), Emanuela Lombardo (Complutense University Madrid) and Tuija Saresma (University of Jyväskylä) at Feminist Politics and Populism research seminar which was held last year on 13th December. The seminar was hosted by Johanna Kantola and the ERC funded research project EUGenDem.

The blog post can be read here: Feminist Politics and Populism: Positioning Gender in Populism Studies